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About Us

Skip The Line is an all-encompassing time saving service based in the Washington, DC area. We help provide time for the things that are most valuable in life, by thoughtfully managing our clients’ struggles, assisting with unreachable tasks, and delivering supportive solutions to exceed expectations and ultimately live happier lives.

What started as a line-sitting service has expanded to include local delivery, personal and executive in-person and virtual assistant services geared toward creating unique experiences for our clients to enjoy with ease.

Skip The Line has a local, vetted customer service team that ensures we meet our clients’ needs on-time and hassle-free. We pay our team members a living wage, and we never charge the restaurants and stores we work with high fees, ensuring that individuals and local businesses are fairly compensated for their hard work.

Our Story

Jennifer Goff started Skip The Line in 2017 while trying to plan her next career move after returning home from nine months traveling abroad. Tapping into her background in hospitality and service, she began offering line-sitting at a popular pop-up bar in DC where the wait could be up to four hours during the weekend. The services were a hit. What started as a way to make some extra money became a full-time business saving people valuable time on waiting for restaurant reservations, tickets to events, product launches, and entry to Supreme Court cases and congressional hearings.

When COVID-19 shut down in-person dining and events and created a surge in unmet demand for delivery, Jennifer decided to continue advancing Skip The Line’s time-saving mission by expanding it into a local delivery service and personal assistant service. Today, Skip The Line is bringing restaurant takeout, grocery items, and unique experiences – paired with excellent customer service – to people across the DMV.

Our Team

Jennifer’s diverse background in communication, logistics, hospitality, and personal assistance has led her to develop Skip The Line into a company featuring a unique blend of expertise, which provides exceptional support and service to clients. Jennifer’s hand-picked team reflects her own experience and all members of Skip The Line, whether it’s line-sitting, delivery, or personal assistance, are properly vetted and share similar goals and values. Skip The Line’s team is predominately made of up DC locals, as well as a few folks remotely within the US. We are all here to make your life easier however we can.

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What we believe

We believe in supporting local businesses, fair wages, and nothing short of excellent customer service. Our services don’t just help you save time, they ensure that individuals and local businesses are fairly compensated for their hard work. We pay our team a living wage, and – unlike traditional third-party delivery platforms – we never charge the restaurants and stores we work with high fees.