Schedule a Line-Sitter

Your time is precious. Why waste it when we can help?
A member of our vetted, local team in Washington D.C. will happily stand in line for you for:
  • General Admission concert entry
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Museums & Tourist Attractions
  • Supreme Court cases
  • And more!

A representative with our client services team will personally coordinate your appointment to ensure promptness, accuracy, and your ultimate satisfaction.

Please note:
  • While we have a high success rate for most of our waits, we cannot guarantee entry/purchase for high profile events.
  • We will recommend start times for most waits based on experience and professional judgment.
  • For Supreme Court cases, Congressional hearings, limited seating, or releases, our line-sitters can only hold a spot for one person. Please take into account whether you will need more than one line-sitter
  • Our contact forms are meant for you to be in touch with one of our customer service representatives directly so that we may tailor your experience based on your logistics.

Where We Can Wait In Line:

STL serves the entire Washington, DC Metropolitan Area which covers some parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland. ​Here is a list of the most popular lines we can wait in for you and your group, or add your name to waitlists for restaurant walk-in spots.

  • We can add your name to the waitlist at any restaurant that is booked for reservations, or anywhere that does not accept reservations. We add your name, and then you can arrive closer to the time your table will be ready. We can also wait in line for walk-ins when the restaurant first opens.
  • Visa/Passport Lines at Embassies and State Department
  • DCRA (business license renewal)
  • Special Events
  • Personal Client Services (i.e. real estate offer reservations)
  • Shopping – iPhones, Electronics/Video Game Consoles, Stores, Holiday, Sneakers, etc.
  • Book Releases and Signings
  • ​Guest Speaker Events
  • ​DMV/MVA