Schedule a Delivery

Out of Uber Eats’ delivery range? Need to pick up an item or two but don’t have access to a car? Just too tired or busy to leave the house? We’re here for you.

See below to learn how to schedule a delivery.

Skip The Line offers custom shopping, pickup, and delivery services from anywhere within a 16-mile radius. Pricing is based on distance and in some cases, length of time:
  • Within 2 miles of the restaurant $10
  • 2-6 miles $15
  • 6-11 miles $20
  • 11-16 miles $25

*Please contact us for deliveries over 16 miles.

How to Schedule a Delivery


  1. Click here to check availability and reserve a pickup time slot.
    • If you reserve a calendar slot and do not complete a form below we will not have an order for you.
  2. Place your food order directly with the restaurant of your choice, citing the available pickup time based on our calendar and your preference. Then, complete this form for your delivery order with us.
    • For Delivery Time please select the time your order is to be picked up.
    • In the special instructions, please include anything we need to know upon delivery.
  3. Payment: We will reach out to you by the day of your delivery to check-in and handle payment. We accept payment via PayPal (credit card), Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay.
  4. You will be notified via text when your driver and delivery is on its way.
Please note:
  • Payments will be requested on the day of delivery via PayPal (credit card), Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

We currently work with:

We are able to pick up and deliver from ANY DC area restaurant or store of your choice (even if not listed below). We have special partnerships with the following local restaurants, enabling us to provide the ultimate level of customer service:

  • We charge $40 to personally do your grocery shopping at any store of your choice and deliver (full order).
  • For smaller orders of 20 items or less we charge $30. Larger orders may require additional fees.
  • We have memberships at Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter and Amazon/Whole Foods, or we can use your phone number if you’d like to earn the points.
  • Send us a note for more info.
  • We are available to pick-up and deliver grocery orders that have already been filled either through curbside or locker pick-up for $20

We can also pick-up and deliver other items such as catering, gifts, packages, dry-cleaning, office supplies, furniture/hardware items, gardening/plants. Contact us for more info.