Skip the line, because your time matters.

Skip The Line provides modern time-saving services
so that you can live your best life.

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Out of Uber Eats’ delivery range? Need to pick up an item or two but don’t have access to a car? Just too tired or busy to leave the house? We’re here for you.
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Schedule a Line-Sitter

Your time is precious. Why waste it when we can help?

Personal Assistant Services

Tailored services to help you save time and provide relief, as frequently as you prefer.

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About Us

Skip The Line is an all-encompassing time saving service based in the Washington, DC area. We help provide time for the things that are most valuable in life, by thoughtfully managing our clients’ struggles, assisting with unreachable tasks, and delivering supportive solutions to exceed expectations and ultimately live happier lives.


“This service was incredibly convenient and absolutely made our night. We’ll definitely use STL again for dining at DC’s best spots.” – William C.

“STL will change your life. Personal, prompt, and reliable service for all those errands that you need done including delivery from takeout only restaurants. They are a pleasure to deal with.” – Virginia R.

“Had a great experience on first use today– received immediate notification when food was picked up and upon arrival. Really appreciated great communication and prompt service. Will definitely use again!” – Sarah C.

“We used STL for tickets for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Everything went super smoothly and made our family vacation much more relaxing.” – Lauren L.

“Excellent service highly recommended. If you really value your free time and don’t mind paying a little to avoid standing in a line, this is a great, seamless service.” – Dan M.

“Waiting in line to eat at a great restaurant is not practical for me. I really appreciate the service STL offers- especially on a day where it was pouring down rain. Would definitely use again.” – Jon A.